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Re: Your first and highest CL leap ...

First step for me was in 2008 just after we closed on our mortgage. Discover wouldn't touch me prior then, viola!, they approved me for a mere $5490. The next big move was in September (or maybe it was October) of 2009 when Nationwide was uber popular around this board. They sent me a "pre-appoval" so I bit and they granted me my first $10,000 limit. The final BIG one was May of last year when I asked Barclay's for a seemingly unrealistic CLI from $12,500 to $20,000. They pulled hard TU where my score was probably around 750 and it was granted.


I do believe it was the Nationwide CL that paved the way for 5 figure limits going forward. I have maybe 8 credit line of 10K or greater now. That said, my 3 Chase cards (Freedom, Slate, and JP Morgan Select) that were approved since September of last year are 6500, 7000, and 7000 respectively which matches the limit of one of my AMEX cards (Delta Gold).


Scores on most of those approvals ranged from 730-780.