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Re: Your first and highest CL leap ...
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Initially, I started out with my Citi Dividend with a $500 limit. Eventually, it worked its way up to $6,350. It sat at that for over a year and I was unhappy with the uneven number (yes, I'm not lying) and requested an increase from $6,350 to $10k. They didn't even pull my report to do that and it was granted immediately due to great history with Citi. I've never been late on any payment, had 1 other CC (low limit store card), one consumer finance account and 1 auto loan which was paid a year early. All accounts have 0 balances. Just pay your bills on time, get your utilization down, and they should have no problem raising your limit. My AAOA is around 3.3 years (less now since I applied and was approved for a Zync) and my EXP score from my AMEX pull was 737. 

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Hello ... I trust all is well. I have noticed many of you have very high CL, i.e.. 10k, 15k, 22k, etc. I am curious to learn more about your profile before you received such a CL, and you were trusted w/such a leap. What was your CL before you leaped into that zone listed above, your scores, AAOA, BK/or deleted, homeowner/renter, etc? Please share any information that would assist someone w/their journey. Purpose: many of us are learning and would like to learn from those that have made the leap -- my highest CL is 5k w/USAA, I am in the process of paying my CC down, lowering A.P.R. (w/success), and preparing for the CC that fit the best. I have no inquires for the last three years. I am hoping to be below 20% by October 2012. BTW, Congratulation, and thanks for sharing your knowledge . . . . HotPoint EQ -- 685 ... 7/2/2012 TU -- 687 ... 6/15/2012 EX -- 694 ... 6/29/2012 Plus -- 780 vantage Score 6/15/2012 all wounds heal except those that you pick at


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