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Re: Diamond Preferred Today!

RockinRay wrote:

CS800 wrote:

CITI still hates me Smiley Sad

I just closed my Thankyou card with them. Don't need them.


Do not feel bad! One day they will come knocking on your door! Smiley Happy

I have been getting mail offers from them for the TY Preferred and the Diamond Preferred. Like twice a week


So since I wanted to take advantage of the 18 months BT on the Diamond, I took the dive. They denied me even with a recon. I do see their point though. I have about 3 new accounts. I even said the to supervisor that Id take a low CL but no they didnt budge.


I had one HP to give on EX and that was it. I'm just annoyed that I was getting all those mailers and got denied..