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Re: Don't Apply For That New Card! Ask for a CrossGrade!

jmila1901 wrote:

So I recently had an issue where the university I attend stopped accepting VISA and my school card was a visa and wasnt willing to put the charges on my other cards. I called BofA, told them what was going on and they gave me a cross grade to a World Points MasterCard! Its got decent rewards, they dropped my interest rate to 11% and bumped my line of credit just because. Its also a really nice looking card! 




Just wondering if you guys had any tips and tricks when doing this. I currently have a BankAmericard Visa 321 as my primary and the Bank Of America World MasterCard as my School card. I dont like having more than 1 card from each company (only 1 visa, mc, discover)... I want to get a card from chase but its a visa and would like to convert my BankAmericard to an Amex... Think thats possible?

I don't see why Bank of America wouldn't PC to an Amex but possibly 60 days after last PC like Amex (real American Express) does.

But I would care more about rewards then only having 1 Visa, 1 MC, 1 Discover, 1 Amex... I see 1 card per bank but why Amex with BofA just because you want a Chase Card but it's Visa?


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