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Re: WellsFargo Secured Card reports different!!!

Fresh101 wrote:
Thanks for the reply Decernment, but this card offers a deposit up to $5000 and I only opened it with $300 as my understanding to credit building, it doesn't matter the amount of the credit account. Does it change in my situation, as I don't have that much on the credit line limit? Thanks again

It depends on whether you are focusing on your creditors -- OR whether you are focusing on FICO®. 


With FICO® -- having your credit cards report as being "secured" doesn't matter.  FICO® doesn't make any judgment between secured/unsecured.


But, I found, with creditors -- funding the maximum limit possible on the "secured" credit card helped to diminish whatever stigma there may be for having a credit card that reports as "secured."  And, when I applied for unsecured credit cards, the creditors matched the current limit of $5,000 of the secured credit cards for starting limits on the unsecured cards.  YMMV but, funding the secured cards with the maximum amount possible HELPED in my situation. 

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