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Re: denied wells fargo secured credit card?

mjb59463 wrote:
I currently have a Sears Card, 3 store cards and a US Bank Credit Card. Sears i was approved for recently with a 1000 limit, US Bank gave me 400, and the Store Cards vary from 300-500. The Sears card is a mastercard and my main card, the other ones i use very sparingly.  I'm usually very good about making payments, and have almost never made a late payment. However, what's hurting me is high credit utilization.

Your current Transunion FICO® is: 704

Your current Equifax FICO® is: 657 



You have a Sears Mastercard and a US Bank Visa card?  And then, you have 3 store cards.  CORRECT?


ALL your cards are maxed out or, close to it.  CORRECT?


You asked what's the fastest way for you to get your FICO® score up -- this is simple.  STOP applying for any more credit (secured or otherwise) and, PAY OFF everything you currently owe on your existing credit cards.  You have enough credit cards to build with for now


How many inquiries do you have on Transunion, Equifax and Experian?


If you will check your FICO® score on this website AFTER you get ALL your current credit cards paid off completely and report back what your Transunion and Equifax scores are at that time -- then, you will be ready to go forward on your credit journey.  


Before you apply for credit, you always want to look your best and present yourself in the best light possible.


I wish you the very best!



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