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Re: denied wells fargo secured credit card?
The cards are currently at this level after payment on July 2nd( the day I pay every month)

Sears- 200 balance on 1000 limit
Us bank- 0 balance at 400 limit (usually is at 200, but paid it off)
Store card- 81.79 balance at 400 limit
Store card- 100 balance at 700 limit
Store card- 150 balance at 400 limit

Student loans- 19,560 ( paying 200 every month)

I'll work on getting all those to zero, and im confident i can do that in august, but as far as credit utilization goes, those cards don't seem that bad. And student debt might take a while, seeing as I have to take out 1 more loan for my last year to complete my education.

Thanks for the advice, I'll do my best to get my debt taken care of
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