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Re: denied wells fargo secured credit card?
I have one late reporting. The reason for this is because when I was 16, my parents added me as an authorized user on their chase BP card. I used it for gas, and paid them in cash when I could, and assumed everything was okay. This was back in 2009.

That chase bp shows up as a negative account that I owe money on, and myfico says that could be hurting my score. However, my dad says that this balance was paid in full to BP, and that the account is closed. There was never a collection on the account according to
My credit report and I know that the card hasn't been used in years by my parents either. Equifax lists the last usage on the account as September 2009. If payment was this late and it hasn't been paid for 3 years, shouldn't it have gone into collections by now? I can't imagine them waiting 3 years to do so.

I wrote BP and chase about two years back and they said they would remove it from my credit report, and that i didnt owe anything, but clearly that hasn't happened or just isnt true. I got pretty frustrated with chase bp and my parents for not letting me know what was going on, but that hasnt led to anything. How can I get this removed so I can get on with life? Do i need to handle it with chase BP or with the credit reporting agencies?
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