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Re: denied wells fargo secured credit card?

mjb59463 wrote:
That was the first thing I did. I talked to collections, confirmed it was paid off in full, then my banker called the underwriter and asked that this be added to the application and to their system. I'm going to cancel the app and focus on building with what I have. Ive lost patience with WF for their slow record keeping.

I paid more of my cards today besides the sears cards

Remaining balances
Sears- 200 on 1000 limit
Us bank- 68 on 400 limit
Store card- $50 on 400 limit
Store card- $3 on 700 limit
Store card- $0 on 400 limit

Is this still high util?

It takes time for the banks to update their records accross all systems. Since the underwriter has the documentation/confirmation that the collection was paid it should go through.


You have an 11% utilization ratio based on the listed balances and credit lines. That is good. Just make sure the CRA are reporting current information. Sometimes they lag.