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Re: What was your 1st credit card?

Rackham12 wrote:

How long did it take for your card to arrive if you remember? What are some tips you can give me on the card? I was just approved as well for Journey's 

It was somewhere between 7-10 days like they say it does. Some tips? Uhm other than the usual don't spend what you don't have there aren't many tips. Smiley Tongue I just recently called in to ask for an CLI or a product change and she said she couldn't do either but that she could give me a reduced APR for 7 months (I called in to cancel). I do know their new deals program is nice if they selected you to be in it (they are rolling it out and some people are in, some aren't). There is usually a new offer each week where they have spend bonuses (ie. spend $10 get $5 statement credit) or "free monee" where they just give you $x to spend at a certain store.


Also, I would always make sure you pay your balance in full each month. The APR is pretty high on this card and I can proudly say that for the year I've had the card, they've paid me rather than me paying them. Smiley Tongue Just pay it on time each month in full and you won't be hit with that high APR and if you are in the deals program you can take advantage of them paying you to use the card (I consider it getting paid because they're crediting me the money). If you download the mobile app for iPhone or Android you can access it on the go but they do have a mobile site. I personally prefer the mobile app. You can also see your current deals available from the mobile app as well. HTH!