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Re: What was your 1st credit card?

Rackham12 wrote:

Sweets8E wrote:

My first credit card was from Providian. It had a $250 credit limit. I maxed it out at some point like a year after getting it. If I recall, I got a Cap1 card around the same time too with a $300 limit. But the kicker was by the time the card got to me it only had like $50-$78 bucks in available credit because of all the fees associated with accepting and activating it. Bad choices each of them. If I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn't have bothered.

Do they still do that today? I applied for a student's journey and was approved for  750 and have not received the card I got the "your card has been shipped" email on Sunday morning. Why so many fees? I was not told of this

They don't have any fees anymore, the journey is fee free so long as you don't burn them. You mess with any credit card company, and I assure you, they'll get you back, if you stay in their good graces though, you will be rewarded. (Maybe not by capital one, but they're a stepping stone)


Also, to your other post, you should get your card in 7-10 days (that's what they tell you) It's a weekend now so probably by wednesday or thursday depending on when it was shipped.