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Re: What was your 1st credit card?

pkosheta wrote:
Gm MasterCard, I have been an AU on it since I was 11. Looking back carrying around a 5k limit piece of plastic with no idea of what I had is kinda funny..and it confused so many cashiers that I stopped using it in new places because they thought I stole it and, being 11, I didn't carry around a photo ID to prove it was mine. So many awkward conversations, but I did get to meet a lot of store managers that thought it was kinda funny too. We weren't rich or anything but my parents wanted me to have a long credit file when I got older and didn't mind making me walk to buy a lot of groceries, rent a video from blockbuster, or order a pizza for them to pick up on the way home from work. My sisters credit was amazing when she bought her house, i think they started her at age 8, and the lender had never seen anything like it when they pulled the credit report. They also scared me to death about the consequences of misusing the cards. Fees for putting it in atms for cash withdraw, forgetting to tell them about payments resulting in late fees, etc... For me, messing with credit card companies was scarier than trying to ask out one of the cool girls. Thankfully now I understand how credit cards really work and I am not afraid to put in an ap or 2 or 3 when the time is right and thanks to them the CC companies like me.

Thank you for the story, I never even thought of this. But will start doing this with my kids to teach them about credit and establish their credit history.

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