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Re: What was your 1st credit card?

My first credit card - I got a Chase Gold Visa in college that my parents co-signed for - I think it was in '89.  About 5 or 6 years later I got another Chase Visa.  For the first Chase Visa that I got in college, I blew it on the payments about 9 years ago and Chase closed the account, right after which I paid in full what I owed.  They kept the other Chase Visa open and I still have that, though I'm not using it since I'm just trying to get the balance paid off.  I felt terrible about the closed account since it affected my parents' credit as well since they were co-signers.  In May 2012  I applied for and was approved for a Chase United Explorer card and a Chase United Club card, so I'm happy to have gotten those.  For the older Chase Visa that I'm just trying to pay off, Chase converted that to a "Travel Plus" Visa, which I never used and which is no longer around.  After I pay off that Visa, I'm hoping they will do a product change to the Chase Freedom - I want to keep the account open since it really helps my AAoA.