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Re: Question about Utilization and Balance

I would say if you are looking to move forward very soon on the mortgage don't get into this payment game right now... to much work if mortgage is really soon

If soon... Just pay the 2 small cards OFF and don't use them at all and I would agree on your Navy make sure it stays below 10%.

I say don't boither using the other cards if close because with what looks like thin file or rebuilding you want as little of complications possible with obtaining mortgage... I wouldn't think it would come down to a $25 payment on Capital One to throw off your mortgage but lets not chance that it could be an issue... and nobody is going to close the account for non use for 60 days or so.

Now if you are not moving forward for another year on mortgage, i would suggest getting the 2 small paid off still and wait a few months on this new Navy and then look at getting 2 replacements for the 2 tiny secured/unsecured you have...

Citi, Discover or something.

What about Mortgage with Navy? seems as though they like you already with that CL they gave you compared to your other stuff!

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