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Re: Got approved for AMEX gold, have backdating question

Madman94044 wrote:

I got approved for an AMEX gold card today after looking at the pre-qual page on the website.  I'm stoked to get get this card, happy that my credit profile is moving in the right direction.


Here's my question, I've had a Corp Amex card for the past 9 years, it's still active but has never shown on any of my CRs, will AMEX backdate my new Gold Card to reflect I've been a member since 2003 and report that info to all 3 CRAs?



AMex recently revised their back dating policy. In the past you can get back dated based on AU and I think corporate card membership. Under the new policy its only based on when you actually became a primary cardmember.


You might try and see if you can get the account backdated based on your corporate card membership, it wont hurt to ask.