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Re: BoA cancelled my Visa due to inactivity of less than 1 year?
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monkeybutt wrote:

I received a letter on Friday stating that my Visa would be cancelled either due to 1. serious delinquencies or 2. inactivity.


Obviously I didn't have any delinquencies whatsoever as all my cards are a $0 balance and my credit score is over 700 with no issues.


But then I checked the inactivity on this card and it has only been 6-7 months since I stopped using it...less than 1 year?  This is my oldest card, plus best APR and limit.


Any ideas?  Maybe this is a sign because BoA is the worst bank next to Citi.

Look at this from their perspective: They extend you credit, you fail to use it for over half a year.


I don't mean to direct this personally to you, but a lot of CCCs don't issue cards just to keep our utilization low or look nice in our wallets. If there is no AF and no usage, there really is no motivation to keep you as a customer since, by definition, they aren't making money from your business.


Just something to keep in mind before declaring someone "the worst bank next to Citi" :smileyhappy:


Fair disclosure: I am not a BOA customer in any fact, they wouldn't give me a credit product if their financial lives depended on it because of a BK7 on my report.


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