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Re: New here. Few questions regarding credit cards

Phillyguy57 wrote:
Hey guys! How are you all? I must say i love this forum already. Im here basically for my wife. Were in the process of building her credit. She is currently a stay at home mom taking care of our two kids. Her current credit score is 658. We have an auto loan out and just applied and were approved for a capital one and discover cards. Were both 25. I make a base pay of 65k and usually crack 85k with overtime. We also have a 225k mortgage. Should we stick to the two cards? App for another one?

IMO, you guys are right where you need to be. Is she on all of the credit?  CCs, mortgage, etc?


If so, just garden.  Provided you do not have any baddies, she'll see nice increases quickly.


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Get those baddies removed!!!