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Re: BoA cancelled my Visa due to inactivity of less than 1 year?

monkeybutt wrote:

We understand that blocking the account may seem like a bold action. However, this will ensure that your payments will not reach a point where you cannot make them, and help give you the opportunity to pay things down on your account - without fear of adding more to your balance. Once you have paid down the balance, please contact us back so we can re-evaluate the decision to close the account. We would definitely like to hear back from you to see if we can reactivate your account in the future.


I have had a zero balance on this card for a very long time. 

I called customer service right now.  They are saying something completely different.  My account was closed due to serious delinquencies found in my credit report not related to this account.  My CR is clean. 


What is wrong with BoA?

Ask them what report they pulled, then go burn your one for tha tbureau and compare with them on the phone.


I don't think there's anything "wrong" with them besides a possible mix-up.  Sometimes there are errors in the machine, butFWIW most lenders would close an account with six months inactivity on it.  If you're not using the card, the only possible rationale is for FICO purposes, and banks don't agree with that rationale.


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