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Re: Amazon and Lowes closed to return payment!!!

cardcrazyboi wrote:

Unbelievable that Amazon increase from $900 to $2100 and Lowes increase from $2500 to $3800 and they just closed my account today because I have return payment twice for inssufficant fund, man being a loyal consumer for almost 2yr with a perfect payment and closed my account just return check twice!! so who ever got GE Capital retain card make sure u have fund in your account .. if your check return 2 time they will automatic closed your account even thou you reposted the payment with fund in your account..

 I hate to be nitpicky..but highlighted sentence does not make sense. You can't have a perfect payment history if you have returned payments twice.

 From GE's side they see you as a risk. Twice now in last 3 months you bounced a check which to them signals that you have very low funds in your bank or are irresponsible and cannot maintain a checking account. They are trying to secure themselves and closed your account so you don't buy things and perhaps default. They treated you well and increased your limits when you were low risk, now that you appear high risk they took adverse action.


Banks tend to do that when things happen, just as a cable company will quickly disconnect your cable for a bounced check. Like other poster said, just be glad they did not charge your returned check fees or did they?

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