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Re: Amazon and Lowes closed to return payment!!!

trumpet-205 wrote:

MarcinXP wrote:

Banks tend to do that when things happen, just as a cable company will quickly disconnect your cable for a bounced check. Like other poster said, just be glad they did not charge your returned check fees or did they?

I once bounced a payment (not because of NSF, but because of mistyped account number) on my JCPenny card, GE did not charge a returned payment fee.

It's probably "code" driven in their system. Just like my company if there is a return check/e payment there is a code generated to show why it was returned it goes from 01-05. 01 is because of no funds and that is the only one that will trigger a charge. Rest of them are bank errors, wrong account/routing, system failure and they are non chargeable.

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