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Re: Amazon and Lowes closed to return payment!!!

cardcrazyboi wrote:

Unbelievable that Amazon increase from $900 to $2100 and Lowes increase from $2500 to $3800 and they just closed my account today because I have return payment twice for inssufficant fund, man being a loyal consumer for almost 2yr with a perfect payment and closed my account just return check twice!! so who ever got GE Capital retain card make sure u have fund in your account .. if your check return 2 time they will automatic closed your account even thou you reposted the payment with fund in your account..

You almost make it sound like a trivial matter to bounce a check. Not once but twice in a short period. How would you like it if your paycheck bounced? You would be PO'd right?


In a business relationship, bouncing a check is among the worst things you can do. It will sour a relationship real quick.

Good idea.

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