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Re: Cap1 Secured cash advance

Cash advance limit has nothing to do with FICO, at all.


Actually, if you take a cash advance on your secured card, they will reduce the limit. 


End of the day, taking a cash advance on a credit card is just a bad idea period for a whole lot of reasons and something you should rarely, if ever do, *regardless* of circumstances.  It's an even worse idea on a secured card, to the point you're probably just better off closing it if you need the cash.  That said, C1 you can deposit gracefully to increase your limit so they and USAA might be exceptions, but it's a pretty silly idea to begin with.  Other than paying rent and parking / valet tips, there's really nothing you can't do with a credit card that you can do with cash or a check.  Plus you can float a balance on a CC, which you can't do with cash... not to mention the fees and the fact banks REALLY frown on cash advances.


Just say no.

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