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Re: Im going with Citi Thank you Premier!!!

Wow very detailed post! The Thank you Premier is my goal card for next summer. My fiance and I both got approved for the Forward card a couple months ago, so we have been racking up Thank You Points religiously. We are always out and about, so the 5 points for dollar on restaurants, fast food, movie theaters, and purchases have helped us rack up 5,000 to 7,000 points per month. My plan is to apply for the Thank You Premier next year when Citi brings back the 50K sign up bonuses. My fiance and I both plan on getting the card, giving us 100K in bonus points, plus nearly 100K in points racked up from our Forward cards. Pairing those 300K Thank you points with the 33% bonus on airfare bookings with the Thank You Premier and we will be taking some NICE vacations! I am so excited!!!


What other Citi cards do you use with your Premier and how else have you been able to rack up the Thank You Points?