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Re: Im going with Citi Thank you Premier!!!

While I think the Citi TYP is a good card, I think your chart contains at least a few (and possibly many) flaws. First, the anniversary bonus is 5% in year 5 and beyond of card membership. It is 1% in year one. Second, it does not apply to any bonus points, just the 1 point earned on most purchases plus 1.2 on bonus categories. Third, the matching miles are based on miles flown, not dollars spent. You also have a matching miles for gas purchases. Where did you get this information? You also don't account for either the annual fee (which is an issue in year 2 and beyond), nor the price difference between items purchased through Citi and the price you could get on Amazon, etc. Finally, you don't indicate how the prices offered through Spirit compare with those available through other travel sites. All of these factors need to be applied to see what your actual savings is.

In addition, CSP allows conversion of UR points to miles on a variety of airlines. So you are really comparing the value of using Citi TY points to purchase tickets through a specific travel agency vs the ability to redeem miles directly through the airline. I'm not saying Citi wouldn't come out ahead, just that it would make a more realistic comparison. Since I don't have a Citi card, I can't look up current prices to compare to kayak or the airline web sites. 

Enjoy the card, I think it is great and my wife likes hers a great deal. But for others trying to decide, I'm not sure this chart is a great basis for comparison.

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