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Re: Im going with Citi Thank you Premier!!!

Your right the 5% only applies if you have been a thank you member for 5 years. However I already have been a Thank you card member for 2 this will be my third... If you want I could do a weighted average over my life span but seeing that Its only two years I left that out.. Its also true that bonus applies only to purchase points earned not to the bonus points. My bad on that on. What you have incorrect is that The premier card does give you 1.2 points per dollar spent on gas. Then those 1.2 points get match by the flight points(if you have them) Thats what matching means. No I didn't talk about the annual fee which is higher buy 30 dollars. I also didn't include the companion ticket. If you want to look at it that way you get a round trip  ticket to aanywhere in the US for an extra 30 dollars. The price on the thank you travel site are comparable but slightly higher.... maybe by like 20 dollars or so