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Re: PSECU FICO Scores are up

Hey Crashem,


I got the Ft Knox Plat Visa in April 2011 and I live in San Diego, CA.  I got PSECU Visa/PSL in Jan 2011.  I am happy I got in before the cut offs happened.


Ft Knox has been one the best rewards cards I have.






Fico Scores: EQ 661 (6/28/14) EX 644 (4/19/14) TU 639 (5/9/14)
New Cards after BK DC: C1 Quicksilver Plat MC $3K (2/2014)
Survived BK Filing: Fort Knox CU Plat Visa $5K / Lowes $7K / HSN Card $3K / Walmart Store Card $2K / GE Retail Credit Card $2K / Macys $800 / Target Red Card $500