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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status

Woohoooooo!!!!! I just got approved for the Chase Freedom!!!! I'm so happy, and its all because of you guys. I have been reading the forums a lot lately and have really been doing a lot of reading. I applied for the Chase earlier and I got the "pending further review" message. I then called the backdoor number listed and I got this woman on the phone that I had a bad feeling about.. But I went ahead anyway.  She put me on hold and came back , she said I was denied. She said the reason was because of a charge off with a Chase card years ago and a few latenesses back in 05 from my auto loan. I told her that it happened 7 years ago but she said it doesn't matter.  I also told her that the Chase account isn't on my reports anymore. She really didn't seem to be helpful. I came home and read the forums some more, heard other success stories with recon's, so I decided to give it a go. The guy seemed very, very friendly from the get-go. He put me on hold and came back to verify some info about my employment and income, then put me on hold again and came back and asked for my address so he can send me everything!!! I wasn't sure if he meant he was going to send me the denial letter or the card LOL. He then said "looks like you're approved for $3000!! I was so pumped, I couldn't believe it. If it hadn't been for me reading these forums, I would've been sitting here wondering why I wasn't approved. But instead, I'm waiting for the card to come in the mail!!


I guess you can say Im in the process of building up my credit, I just got myself a Capital One Platinum, AMEX Zync and AMEX Gold Delta last month. But prior to that, the cards I had/have are Orchard, Orchard Platinum and Applied Bank.  In the middle of the night one night I decided to apply for the Cap Plat, I really didn't think I'd be approved because I haven't applied for credit for so long and my credit was always bad. But I guess my score are good enough now! I'm going to relax for now and garden these cards and take great care of them. I can't wait to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom, it seems like a great card.


My current scores are EX (Plus score from freecreditreport) 661 EQ (MyFico) 683 TU(MyFico) 712