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NFCU, CITI,GECRB and Fireston Luv!!!

I guess Aug is my new favorite month..I know everyone is tired of hearing about I just hit the luv button and got a $2500 CLI on my Nrewards Card to make it $7500. I got approved for a CITI Diamond Preferred(No rewards) $2200.. I got my foot in the door with CITI. I got an automatic CLI $1200 each on my Amazon store and Firestone card.. So overall I've gained $7100 in credit. and to top it all, I got promoted..Hello pay you My FICO.

Starting Score: 600
Current Score:EX FICO 778 EQ FICO 732 TU FICO 775
Goal Score: 800
NFCU Cash Rewards Sig (16K), Amex BCE(10K), Delta Skymiles(20K) Discover IT(8K), CITI HHonors(10K), CSP (8K), CITI TYP(5K) CITI Diamond Preferred(4K), Amazon Store Card(2.5K),