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Re: Orchard Bank Card Holders - Welcome To Capital One Letter

Received the same email the other day, which prompts the following question:


I already have two CapOne rebuilders ($750 NH Rewards and $500 "Platinum") and have an Orchard card with $300 limit.


I think I read on these forums somewhere that CapOne closed someone's credit card because they were in the same situation as I'm in--2 CapOne's and 1 Orchard. I know CapOne has the "only 2 cards" rule so I'm concerned that one of my cards will be arbitrarily closed. Anyone know if this is true?


If so, I would prefer to beat them to the punch and close a card based on my own preferences and not what they pick with their own criteria. I know I'll almost definitely never get a CLI on the CapOne rebuilders (they're CreditSteps cards that have already hit their CLI step) but I don't think there's the same restriction on the Orchard card. The Orchard card is coming up on 6 months in a week so I'm considering asking for a CLI (particularly since my EQ score is 46 points higher than it was when I applied for the card). If I get any sort of CLI then that tells me it has the potential to grow with me so--if CapOne will truly require that the Orchard be counted in the 2 CapOne card rule--I would prefer to close the $500 Platinum even though it's older than the other two. My logic may be flawed here so feel free to (gently) tell me so!


But, more important is the question as to whether anyone knows whether the Orchard card will be counted in the only 2 card rule, so if anyone has information/thoughts about that it would be greatly appreciated!

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