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Re: Orchard Bank Card Holders - Welcome To Capital One Letter

up untill yesterday i had 5 capone cards


i have a secured card

i have a platinum card

i have a sony card

i had an orchard card

and AU on cash rewards


I logged into orchard to make sure payment clearded and read in big bold letters on top of my home page  "Your account has been closed". At this point i  had the card just shy of 10 months, with a 300 limit. I used the card no less then 400 a month, sending two or three payments a month. I have never missed a payment  the card or any account since 08. So i used the message center to contact CS waited no responce in 48 hours.... I then decided to call and give someone an earfull. first i got peggy that told me the message center is only responded to for open account customers and i should have called........ :[ (Now i know cap one has its issues but i have never seen or heard of such a rude CS rep or a guidline like this b4. I was so suprised BC Capone has treated me well up untill this point. I have made my mistakes and i am rebuliding so Capone took me in) Ater Peggie finished explaning the message would not be responed to, i asked then you tell me why was my account closed...put on hold and the shot over to a "account manager". The account manager told me the account was reviewed for a CLI and that at this time they felt i was a high risk due to too many recent open accounts :/.... I guess I should have seen this comming i knew my Inq's and AAoA were going to tank but in rebuliding I decide to go for all of them at once. the plan was to close the high % AF cards at after the 12th statment and garden the good no AF grow with you accounts (GE Amazon, Walmart Oldnavy) for 18 months untill i reached my target zone for the prime cards. My GE accoutns have done very well and like clock work have seen a CLI of 300-1000 after the 4th stament cut. I NEVER carrie a blance on my GE cards. only the cap ones bc i am still in the 0 % window and a rep had once told me to carrie a blance  in this window and then start PIF after it ends. "cap one likes to see  holders with a healty spend and blance factor and later down the rode it will lead to larger CLI" how true it is i am not sure... all in all i cant tell you for 100% sure if the account was closed due to too many recent open accounts or bc i had hit a hidden cap one limit, it seems odd to me ten months later after me app and account spree to say to many recent accounts. i guess i am just mad bc i lost 300 of UTI and was not able to get this card to the 12 months marker. 


excuse the grammer errors i sould have done this when i was done venting of it.