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Inquiry Questions

I've read some things about inquiries and after looking over my reports today, I have a few questions -


I've heard that inquiries stay on your report for 2 years and have also heard that they only count against your score for 1 year. This this true?

While reviewing my report, I see tha the IRS has pulled a regular inquiry. I owe back taxes but I never authorized this. Can they do that? Well, I guess they can because they did.


Under the Account Review Inquiries, a bank that I used to have accounts with is listed as pulling my report. This was over 2 years after my bankruptcy (they were included).


When applying for credit, say you go on a little app spree over the course of a day or two. Do the inquiries show up immediately or does it take a little while?  Wondering because I think if they show up right away, companies might see this and be more likely to deny. I could be wrong. 




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