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~So In Shock but Appreciative and Happy with NFCU!!~
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~So my husband (who is active duty army) joined NFCU a few months ago and I recently remembered and decided it would be a great time to open up a checking account with them and to hopefully one day get a credit product and auto loan with them down the road. I opened the account last night and made a small deposit until I get paid friday. I have been stalking the NFCU posts on here for months and after getting approved for the Military Star Card for a shocking $3600 I got a little gutsy this afternoon and decided to apply for the NFCU Cash Rewards Visa. I heard good things about the card and that it was good rebuilding card. I submittted my information and just knew I would be declined, get the 7-10 message or get a secured card offer, but low and behold less than 30 seconds later I'm staring at this message in my face! My husband was so happy for me and I almost shed a tear because it has been a rough 3 years for my credit profile.




I am still in utter shock so much so that I called them up to confirm and low and behold it was true!! I am so grateful to finally have a big girl card! If I need an emergency flight I no longer have to worry about trying to split two cards because of such low limits. I finally have an emergency card in case something arises with my family! I think my star card getting a high limit really helped push them to give me $5,000 starting out limit.


My baddies were quite a bit: Bloomingdales charged off but paid in full, Macy's charged off currently paying them, about 4 inquiries on each report, first premier charged off currently paying them, chase amazon (now closed) two 30 day lates 5 years ago and a medical bill in collections.


My goodies: Orchard, Capital one (now closed), sallie mae loans, Victorias Secret, Military Star, Jared (Now closed) Two current scores: 612 and 620.

I am very grateful and cannot wait to nurture this card and hopefuly see it grow. I am truly rebuilding and gardening now. This forum has given me much valuable advice and I am truly grateful!


So here is my current credit profile: Orchard Bank/Now Capital One: $300 still & Had since 2009

                                             Victorias Secret Angel Card Upgraded to V.I.P $250 Opened June 6/12

                                             Military Star Card $3600 Opened last month 7/12

                                             Applied Bank $500 Opened last month 7/12

                                             Credit One: $400 Opened this month 8/12

                                             NFCU Cash Rewards Visa $5,000 Opened today 8/12


P.S- How are they with CLI for this card? Thank You!




~Current Wallet: NFCU Signature CashRewards Visa $5000/AAFES Military Star Card $3600/NFCU NavCheck $1500/Applied Bank $700/Amazon GE $700/Walmart GE $500/Credit One $500/Paypal Smart Connect $300/Orchard Bank: $300/WFNNB-Comenity Bank:Victoria's Secret $300/Express $250/New York&Company $250~