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Re: your favourite credit cards
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proton022 wrote:

Thanks for all your input.


It sounds like US Bank cash+ and Amex BCP together can work well, getting nearly 5-6% on most categories. 


I'm still not sure about the travel card though. Creditscholar, I couldn't find  Chase United MileagePlus WEMC that you suggested. Do you know what is the best one could for a 100$ AF card?

My card is essentially the same as

The only major difference is that it's a WEMC, since I used to have the old CO PP and swapped to the new version. New applicants are only offered a Visa Signature.


You can find the WEMC benefits here:  The biggest stand-out is access to Virtuoso, which is similar to Amex's FHR.


For a $100 AF, you will only find 1-2 of the benefits you listed. There will definitely be no full lounge access at those prices. You may however, find a card that offers 2 day passes a year.


The United Explorer card offers no forex fees, priority boarding, primary CDW, one free checked bag, and 2 day passes to the RCC. It doesn't have a companion ticket though.


The Delta Platinum and Reserve both have companion tickets (platinum works only for coach while the reserve also works in first class) and offers a free checked bag, but they have forex fees. The Platinum has a $150 AF while the Reserve is $450 and offers full lounge access.


These cards are primarily for airline benefits. If you want a card purely for earning miles, there may be better options out there like the CSP, Amex SPG, Amex PRG and United MP Club Card (if you spend enough to make it worth your while). The CSP, PRG and Amex SPG are great for racking up the miles, but they don't offer any airline benefits whatsoever.


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