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Re: your favourite credit cards

proton022 wrote:

Open123 wrote:
Are you more interested in airline, hotel, or general travel rewards?


General rewards card would be better.


Airline card is also game .. at the moment I'm sold out on United's card (99$ one) among all airlines card. I'm not too keen on where my miles get accrued, but more interested in other benefits such as no foreign tx fee, and may be some form of companion travel support.

For general rewards and no forex, the best current option would be the CSP.  It has no forex, first year fee waived, 40k signup bonus, and bonus spending in the all important dining and travel categories.  The UR program is an excellent all around rewards program where you can move your points strategically to many of Chase's partners.  


If you prefer a "no annual" fee, then BofA's Travel rewards card is a nice option.  Flat 1.5% bonus all all spending, but without the option to transfer to partners making the rewards program lackluster.  If you travel, any rewards program without viable partners to transfer to isn't very appealing--statement credits just can't compare with the value of strategically transferring points to airlines/hotels.


If you prefer a no forex and statement credit kind of card, then the Cap One Venture cards are excellent.  The $59 annual fee Venture accrues at 2% on all spending making it a very attractive option if you prefer to apply statement credits for travel related expenses.


For me, if no forex is important, I think the CSP is your best option, especially with the current sign up bonus of 40k points.  If forex isn't that important, then I'd say look for a PRG with sign up bonus and first annual fee waived.


Best of luck!