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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred
I have 3 cards from citi, the platinum with 5k started out 1 k in December and got 4k more in cli in june. By July I app for simplicity with 3k limit with 658 fico score thru eq. Just last week I app for cities diamond with 1k limit with 640 fico thru eq.
Starting Score: 638 fico eq 7/11
Current Score: 648 fico eq 8/12, 686 fico tu 8/12. 1/13 TU 661
2013 Score: EX 654, EQ 610, TU 625
Goal Score: 740 1/14
In my Wallet: Discover more 4k,Citi plat 5k,Citi simplicity 3k,Citi diamond 1k,Cap1 cash 750/2500,Cap1 plat 750/2500,Kanes Furn, Walmart 900/2200, Macys 600.