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Re: Discover More CLI's

bostonte wrote:

Originally Approved at $1000.


After 6 statements the automated option was not available on my account. Spoke to a CSR and without me asking she was very explicit about the difference between a soft and hard pull and explained she would put the request in and it would only be a soft pull. I would get approved, declined, or the system would tell her a hard was required to continue and she would ask for my permission before doing that.


She said they would counter offer, so I asked for a $3,000 total line. Declined with just the soft, no request for hard.


A few weeks later I got a call from Discover that they were following up on recent requests that were denied and trying to see what they could do. She verified my information, ensured me it was only a soft pull (again without me prompting) and said the system would tell her I could get none or up to $3,000.


Approved for the $3,000 I originally requested. No hard pull.

That's great! Congrats on the CLI!!!Smiley Happy  And thanks for sharing your experience! Very helpful information from all of you! 


Question....for you, and anyone else who received a CLI from Discover.  Did you have a balance at the time of the CLI? Or was your account at zero? 

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