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Re: How Generous is Citi with starting CL's?

 When I applied for the Citi Simplicty card in November they gave me a limit of 11.7K. Three months ago they gave me a 2k CLI with a soft pull. I had 4 Citi cards prior to the Simplicity. 2 with limits of 1k each and 2 with limits of 4k each. They were from 6 - 12 years ago.

Scores: EQ-798 EX-802 TU-786

CC: |Amex PRG - NPSL| |Citi Simplicity - 22.6K| |CapOne No Hassle Rewards - 20K| |Chase Freedom 17.5K| |CSP 15K| |Discover IT - 7.8K| |Discover More - 6.1K| |GE PC Richard - 4.5K| |Amex Delta Gold - 3.5K| |Citi Goodyear - 2.5K| |CapOne Kohls - 1.5K| |GAP - 1.5K| |Macy's Amex - 1K| |Ann Taylor - 0.5K| |NY&C - 0.5K|