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Re: Amex Backdating

Looks right.


  • After 2 statements, Equifax reports a clean 81 month history for backdated Amex. A manual reviewer cannot say when the account was really opened.  TU and EX show the actual history and manual reviewers can spot the difference. Still great for overall Credit/AAoA and scores etc for auto approvals Smiley Happy
  • Transunion always reports the exact month and day the account was "opened" in the Amex systems. This is also a handy way to know when you are eligible for the first CLI. If Account opened shows as XX/YY/ZZZZ in TU, 61day CLI date is XX+2/YY+1. Example your account opened date in TU says 6/15/1998,  first CLI eligible date is 08/16/2012. Another reason why opening Amex in January rocks.