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Re: Amex Backdating

b71913 wrote:

Just got off the Phone , spoke to a very nice Csr Supervisor. She informed me that it should have been backdated to 1998, and they would contract the credit bureas. Told me it could take up to 60 days to reflect the correct date. And an FYI since Nov 21st of last year Amex will no longer backdate any AU accounts. Because I asked her about adding my GF to this account. I want to thank everyone for their imput, great group of  people on this forum.


The direct number for Amex Credit Reporting Issues  1-800-874-2717   M-F 8am-5pm

Do you mean AU accounts can't get backdated to original cardholder's member date?  Or do you mean AU accounts can't get backdated to their own member date?  Or both?