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Re: Walmart store credit card: research

Dapper_Dan wrote:

kobe2012 wrote:

My score was 607 or lower when i got approved last May...starting CL was $500 and it was auto increased to $900 in less than 3 months.... Next month is my 4th month and will see if i can get an increase again..... I had 5 collections, 4 chargeoffs at the time of approval.. Besides cap one, GE is the only one who would approve me

Did you use you card at all?  Or did they give you an increase with no activity?

I used about $250 for first two months and left a balance 

Starting Score: TU: 481 12/30/2015 EQ:561 12/30/2015 EX:532 12/30/2015 (MYFICOS) BK FILED: 09/2015 DISCHARGED 12/2015 -- 02/28/2016 TU:551 EQ: 599 EX: 561