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Re: Cap 1 - Product Change

jsucool76 wrote:

Cap1s "average" cards (from what I've read) cap at a $3000 initial limit, and at $3500 (after the credit steps CLI), but it might still be a "builder" card since that was all through CLIs, however, you're pretty much in prime-land with cap1. They tend to look more favorably upon people with higher CLs from what I've read. How did you get so many CLIs if you don't mind me asking. 

This is different than the sub-prime Cap One, which is usually in the "steps" program with CLs starting around $300 to $500 and an increase to around $500 to $750 (maybe from $750 to $1000, max). These cards cannot be PC'd to a "regular" Cap One card. The sub-prime and steps cards usually will not get a CLI beyond the step program, except in the rarest of situations.




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