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Re: Amex Backdating

Schumy wrote:

Thanks. This brings up one more question, assuming I can have a new account backdated. Let's say I open one new AmEx card up this year in my own name, and another with AmEx next year. Barring any rule changes (and knowing we cnanot predict the future), but will they backdate the newer card from next year as well. Think of it as being an authorized user, opening up your own gold card, then opening up your own blue cash preferred card. Will they all have the same membership date?


I appreciate all the info you guys share.


Yes they will show on the report as all being opened in the same year which should be your member since date aside from a couple of exceptions.  That is why Jan should be apply to Amex month as you will max backdating.  If you opened first amex in Dec of 2012 and 2nd amex in Jan 2013, they would show 12/2012 and 1/2012 open date which is funny as the 2nd card would show being opened earlier than 1st card.