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Re: Amex Backdating

I hear so many variations on this theme, I think it's a case YMMV.


I was an AU on an AMEX Gold Card back in 1985. It was my first piece of plastic and I enjoyed using it. The account owner eventually decided that the privilege of membership did not justify the annual fee. LOL!


Last week I applied for the BCP, my first individual Amex card. I didn't think it would get back dated but asked for the heck of it. The rep told me that since the original account was no longer open, they couldn't do it. She said that AUs still get back dated but only if the original account is still active.


That backdating would have done real magic for my AoA. <sigh> Still hoping that the card will have 1985 as the "member since" date. I know....I'm dreaming. Just don't wake me up yet.


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