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How many cards

How many cards should I have open? It's sort of a long story as to why I'm asking that I posted in the relationship section. My gf just doesn't like how many credit cards I have. I feel comfortable with them and don't plan on using them much. Anyway do y'all think I should close any? My information is as follows.



SSFCU 1k CL Opened 9/2009 APR 12%is

NFCU 5kCL Opened this month APR 15%ish

Capitalone Platinum(no rewards) 500CL Opened 06/2011 APR 19%ish

JCrew 930CL Opened 11/2011 APR 24.99%

CareCredit 500CL Opened 10/2011(Parvo sucks) 0 till june '13 on one purchase



Citi Forward 500CL Opened 9/2009 and Closed about Oct 2010 by them.


Baddies on my credit:

60 days late and 90 days late from the citi. The 90 was actually from me making a payment but not realizing it wasn't the minimum.


All will be paid off tomorrow except for the NFCU. I know it will really only effect me util wise now.

I couldn't care less about carecredit. Only reason I'd need it is for an emergency and I've never heard of a 500 vet emergency.

I've gotten tired of Jcrew. Too expensive and i guess 25 back for every 500 spent is good but its per season. So I have 3 months to spend 500 for a measly 25 bucks and I don't get much for 500 there. Only thing I like about them is they did auto cli from 500 to 930 about 5 months ago. And the interest is so high so if something happens and I don't pif the 25 back is basically just paying for th interest and not anything extra.


I know it's different for everybody but what is the ideal number of cards to have open? And which one's do y'all think I should close.