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CITI AAdvantage denied due to "restricted privilege"
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I am getting to terms with the harsh realization that an excellent credit score is not enough. I have FICO scores of 795, 783 and 747. 9 total accounts, 3 current revolving accounts with only one showing a balance at 2% utilization, auto loan that I just paid off, and a handsome annual income.


I applied for Starwood. Reject, currently under reconsideration. 


I applied for AAdvantage. Reject. They would only say that my account has "restricted privileges". Nothing more. I believe the reason has to do with a couple of returned checks   two years ago (due to not updating the autopay in time when I switched my bank account) resulting in a 60 day late that made CITI close the CCs that I had with them at that time. Otherwise my history is clean. But that late was two years ago. 


I'm not thrilled at the way CITI has treated me and probably won't go back to them in future, but at the same time, I don't want to waste one hard inquiry that has already appeared on my report. I might as well get the AA card and the bonus.


It appears that I have been blacklisted by CITI. Has anyone else here had similar experience but managed to convince CITI to look at your current status and get approved?