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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

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Whew! I am in the garden and am asking to be tied to a tree so i don't leave for the next several months! I have achieved everything I wanted to do in the past two weeks and need to cool it. In the past two weeks I have:


-axed my toy limit Cap One and Optima oasis card

-acquired a Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred

-acquired an Amex Delta and an Amex BCP (yay just approved tonight after a week's wait, still don't know the CL)

-obtained a CLI from 5k to 7k on my BoA card


That's pretty good, wouldn't you say? Time for a break.


I am sure that my FICO score will take a hit after all of this commotion, but I achieved what I set out to do and now need to cool my jets. Thanks to everyone who has given me such great advice on this board.


Yes, that is good, congrats!!!


Now, somebody run over to the supply cabinet and go grab the duck tape, so we can secure severine to a tree! Smiley Wink


I'm bringing it right now, but only if I get tied up too.  I was very bad during the month of August, so I need to be put out to pasture in the garden.  Hope severine doesn't mind the company!  Smiley Tongue


Sure, go for it! Just another use for duck tape -- there's no problem it can't solve! Smiley Very Happy


You guys are too funny!! Luckily I am committed to staying put right here and I love the company! I am happy today because I used my newfound knowledge to help my brother do a recon on a CSP  and go from rejection to 18k in under five minutes! They said his debt to income ratio was an issue, but once he told them his adjustable mortgage payment was dropping by $2000/month (L.A. is ridonk he was approved. OH WAIT I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING APPS IN THE GARDEN--never mind!

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