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Citi PC + CLI
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I called to see about PCing my Citi Platinum Select card to the Forward so I can start earning rewards for restaurants (btw, great advice guys!!). I called the retention number and got an amazingly joyful CSR! I couldnt upgrade to the Forward because it wasnt availble for some reason, but I was able to upgrade to the Thank You card. The reward points are seriously lacking and aren't that great, but at least Im earning something! Plus, I get to keep my 0% APR till Oct 2013 Smiley Very Happy Oh, and to top it off, Citi gave me a CLI of $750! The luv denied I was denied by Cap1 has been vastly made up by Citi Smiley Happy



Edit: CSR did say I can PC my card as many times as I want as long as my credit worthiness stays intact; so, the Forward may be in my near future 


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