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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

Well, I'm new to the idea of gardening, new to the idea of being concerned with my Credit.  Looking at some of the portfolio's that are listed, I'm not even sure I belong on the website.  I am, however, going be app free until EQ reads 620 (I may wait till 640) for my home loan.  Kind of sucks, but that's where it's at.  I don't think any of the cards I currently hold do SP CLI's. 

Starting: EQ 590 (LP 8/12) TU 589 (LP 8/12) EX 612 (LP 8/12)
Current: EQ 650(LP 9/12/12) TU 667 (LP 9/12/12) EX 676 (LP 9/12/12)
Goal: 620 (for VA Mortgage)
Goal Reached. Pre-qualified for VA loan, 9/12/12

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