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Re: Garden Club Meeting - September 2012

Checking back into the garden. Feels good.


Before last month I had gone 6 months without a HP. However I have decided to change my preferred airline because before I was flying with United and they cut their nonstop route to LAX from my home airport which hurts me a bit. However American now has the best operation out of my home airport for the legacy carriers. Since I have to connect most of the time going east I would rather go through DFW than Houston. AA is also quite generous with reward availability for international premium cabin travel. I want to see Australia and/or South America someday and AA miles work better for that than United. AA goes everywhere I need to go, while if I stuck with United I would still have to fly AA on occasion so I figure to stick all my flying in one alirline alliance to maximize miles.


So I bit on the Citi AAdvantage card. Went through the link for the 50,000 mile signup bonus. Instant approval with an 8k credit line. My highest yet.


So now my card profile is as follows.


Discover More 7,200 CL

Chase United Explorer 6,200 CL

Citi AAdvantage 8,000 CL



Probably will close my Chase United come December or January since I will be putting all my spending that doesn't fall in a Discover cashback bonus category on my AA card to maximize miles.


Took a hard pull in August, so I am starting over in September back in the garden. No HP's until next summer when I get a cell phone contract.

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