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What is tougher to get, AMEX Blue Cash Preferred or US Bank Cash+ Visa?

I want both of these, currently have a mortgage for 1+ year, credit scores in mid-high 600's, some collections that will drop off in November, utilizations under 50% by Nov also.


Biggest issue is 4 late payments 120-day from early 2006 when I was laid off that wont be gone until May 2013.  Also that same account (old chase card) has 3 late payments 30 day (one each 2007, 2008, 2009) because of change of address and Chase not sending an updated bill.


I have 10+ years of credit history, multiple vehicle loans, student loans, my only negative acct is the aforementioned Chase, most recent derogatory from them was over 3 years ago.



I'm trying to plan out the schedule for the next year in applying for cards, I want both listed in the title, but i'm not sure which one I should go for first.